Barrister Babu 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita saves Binoy’s life

Barrister Babu 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan asking why did you do that, Vaijanti came here to study. Anirudh says no way, she didn’t come to study, she can’t even tell the table of 2. Bondita reads the table. Trilochan says she is still outside, go and get her Anirudh says no one will go. Sampoorna asks what’s this stubbornness. She goes out. She asks Vaijanti to come in. Bondita says no, he ousted me, he will take me inside. Anirudh says I will see her. He goes out and says I don’t get back from my words. They argue.

Bondita cries. She gets dizzy. She says I know changing no into yes. She faints. Sampoorna holds her. Anirudh worries. Bondita is taken inside. She gets conscious. She sees Anirudh and smiles. Somnath blackens a man’s face and names him a slave. He says you wanted to spy on us. Bihari asks what are you doing. Somnath says he wanted to spy on us and inform Krishnanagar people. He sends the man to work on the fields. Chandrachur says its a bad news, our spy got caught by them, they made him a slave. Thakumaa says its bad. Chandrachur says I m seeing the good thing in it, our man will get to know everything happening there, when we free him, he will give us all the news. Tupur comes and cares for Chandrachur. He acts sweet in front of Thakumaa. Thakumaa says let her serve you, its her Dharm. He nods. Bondita comes home and sneezes. Thakumaa calls her out. She holds her hand and says you are suffering from fever. Bondita thinks I m suffering from love fever. Thakumaa asks her to go to her room and take rest. Bondita says I will have your miraculous medicine and get fine. Thakumaa says fine, go to your room, I will send medicines for you.

Tapur asks will you take this Ajwain steam. Bondita says don’t know. Thakumaa asks are you taking the steam. Bondita takes the steam, thinking of Anirudh. Tapur sees her smiling and teases her. Bondita blushes. Tapur says lock the door, else you can’t make Thakumaa quiet like me. Bondita says I will let this love fever spread in my entire body, its love, Anirudh also loves me.

Anirudh thinks of Vaijanti. Bondita gets her friend’s call. She says Anirudh loves Bondita, that’s the truth. He says you said… She says I heard what he said, but I read what’s written in his heart, its the beauty of love. He says you have gone mad. She says yes, I got completely mad in his love. Anirudh shows Binoy’s medicines to Sampoorna. She asks why do you behave strictly with Vaijanti. He says she tried to freshen my old memories, I can’t tolerate that. Bondita says I wish to tell him, that he is my fate, I m his life, he is the reason for my life. He says fine, take care, stay in touch. She ends the call and smiles.

Sampoorna says Vaijanti wants us to smile and stay happy, can you punish someone for this, can’t you forgive her little mistakes. She goes. Bondita calls Anirudh. He answers. She doesn’t speak. He says Bondita. She disconnects. She gets shy. He thinks I know it was you, but I have told you…. She says you identified me by my silence, now I m sure that you have never forgotten me, just Bondita is there in your heart.

Its morning, Bondita gets ready. Thakumaa and Tapur come. Thakumaa asks Bondita not to go any work today, just take rest. Anirudh reads the news of the hot weather making people sick. He thinks Vaijanti really fell ill, I thought its a drama. He asks where are you taking these things. Trilochan says I told Bihari to take it, Vaijanti won’t come here to study, you have hurt her heart and also made her ill, are you happy now. Sampoorna comes and says Binoy isn’t in the room. They get shocked. Anirudh runs to find Binoy. Binoy is on the road. He behaves madly. He gets in front of a car. Anirudh sees this and shouts. He turns away in fear. Bondita catches Binoy. Binoy scolds her. He says you are my enemy, you are Bondita, I won’t leave you. Bondita says you vent anger on me, you complain to Anirudh to punish me. Binoy says yes, I will kill you. Anirudh comes and stops him. He calms down Binoy. Binoy hugs him. Bondita cries.

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