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Barrister Babu 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tupur recalling going close to Chandrachur. He gets angry on her. He hurts her. FB ends. Tupur says I got a burn. Chandrachur comes and fakes concern for her. Bondita says he cares for you a lot. He says I can take care of you also, I mean you are family. She thinks how will I go to Tulsipur if he drops me. He smiles seeing her and thinks you have become more beautiful, I have to get you. The man says its fun to hide and see, right. Chandrachur says I have a habit to win, I lost her once, this time I have to win her, I will do whatever it takes. Bondita says you should not waste time, you should find that wallet owner, if you find the girl, then your respect will get high. He asks really. He says fine, I will drop you some other day. He goes. Trilochan asks Anirudh to talk to Vaijanti well.

Anirudh says I tolerate her nonsense everyday, she has just interest in talks. Shashwati says she is sweeter than Rasgulla, call her, your friend may feel bad. Trilochan says she is right, I will go and bring her, we have to apologize. Bondita comes there. She falls down. Anirudh asks are you fine. Bondita says yes. Trilochan asks why were you running like that. Bondita says I like to run away, I ran from my marriage once, I mean my friend’s marriage, my dad also wanted me to marry, I was young, I couldn’t do child marriage, am I right. Anirudh recalls Bondita. She says I didn’t want to get late, Anirudh scolded me in dream also. Trilochan asks him to feed her water and then teach her. He goes. Anirudh asks her to have water.

She gets happy. He asks her to come and study. She falls again. He asks her to tie the shoe lace. He asks don’t you know tying the lace, you have grown up. She says I never did this myself. He asks who used to tie it for you. She says Saketh bahu, my house helper, will you tie it. He ties her shoe lace.

He says I will send someone to help. He goes. She knocks the door thrice. He recalls Bondita again. He asks her to come in, when she has already entered the door. He says don’t knock the door thrice, knock once, twice, four or hundred times, but not thrice. She asks why, is there anything special, I understood that its some special sign, right. She sees his hand injury. She asks why didn’t you apply haldi, I will get it. He says just study and leave, mind your own business. She thinks I will find your real wound and heal it, really, promise. She sees a magnifying glass there. She smiles. She goes to see his face and laughs. He recalls Bondita.

He gets angry and asks her to sit in one place. He asks is it imp to touch things and question me, I m saying it for the last time, don’t touch my belongings, don’t ask any nonsense, just study and leave. She cries. He asks what happened, don’t cry. She says you scolded me, you don’t want me to cry, I m a lovely, innocent girl, you scolded me. He asks do you mean innocent. She says you understand me well, no, you always scold me. He asks her to keep the magnifier. She asks him to vent out his anger by writing his feelings on a paper. She says I will throw this in the village river. He says no need to do this drama. She says I refused to have Rasgulla yesterday, my mum was asking me why, did you hear it. He recalls Bondita. He shouts enough, don’t say Rasgulla in front of me. She says see you scolded me again. He says no.

She says fine, I can’t read, I will turn away, write your feelings on this paper. She thinks I will get to know your feelings today. He thinks of Bondita. She checks the paper. She finds it blank.

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