Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bittu and Pappu provoke Mishra and Mirza

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij coming to Mishra. Mishra asks him to listen and asks him to tell Shanti to make Paneer. Brij asks him to tell Shanti and asks why are you scared of your wife, I used to scold your wife. Mishra says I was not in neighborhood then, I know. He says I am not afraid of Shanti. Shanti comes there and tells Mishra that she understands his heart and that’s why made Paneer for him. Mishra gets glad. Mirza sees Biryani and gets happy. Noorjahan taunts Sakina. Sakina says she will not get upset hearing her taunts. Mirza asks what do you want, as I know that your this charm comes out, when you needs anything. Shanti asks Mishra if he thinks this way, that she talks to him nicely when she wants something. Sakina tells that even she don’t want anything, but wants him to stay with Shanti. Mirza asks what nonsense? Sakina says she is talking about befriending Mishra and tells about Paro’s husband. Shanti asks Mishra to befriend Mirza and tells Paro’s story to him. Mishra says although I get scared of you, I mean respect you, but will not befriend Mirza. Mirza also refuses to befriend Mishra.

Later Shanti and Sakina cry and throw the tissue. Inaam and Shanti’s son tell that they have an idea using which Mirza and Mishra will befriend each other. Inaam says we have enquired about the mad dog. Shanti’s son says Papa and Mirza uncle will fight together with the dog. Shanti dislikes the idea. Sakina says if the mad dog bites them, then. Inaam and Shanti’s son tell that there is another idea. They ask Shanti and Sakina to beat them with stick. Shanti sends them away. Noorjahan says we have an idea. Shanti asks what? Noorjahan taunts her. Sakina tells Noorjahan that she got innocent bahu. Noorjahan taunts Sakina then. Shanti asks what she was talking about? Brij asks them to praise each other’s husbands and then give gift from the other. Shanti asks what gift? Brij asks them to go to market and buy any cheap gift. He says tell Zafar that Ramesh gave and viceversa.

Mirza thinks to have paan. Sakina comes there and says she will make him eat ishq wala paan. Shanti brings tea for Mishra. Mishra says I will do calculation, till you drink tea. Shanti says this tea is for you. Mishra asks what happened to her, her bindi is not big. Shanti says she changes her bindi according to her mood and asks him to drink tea fast. He drinks. Mirza tastes the paan and likes it. Sakina says Mishra Bhaijaan sent it. Shanti tells that Mirza sent tea for him and also apologized. Mirza tells that he will not forgive Mishra. Sakina says he is good at heart and sent gift too. Mirza throws the gift and finds tea strainer. Sakina praises the tea strainer. Mishra finds supari cutter. Shanti praises it. Sakina tells Mirza that Mishra wants to become like him.

Next day, Mirza and Mishra come to their shops and come to each other. Mirza shows tea strainer while Mishra shows supari cutter. Mishra thanks Mirza. Mirza also thanks him. Pappu and Bittu looks at them. Pappu asks Bittu what they are doing, they are thanking each other. Bittu says Suparnakha wakes inside me and wants to cut their nose. He comes to Mishra and asks why was he smiling looking at Mirza. Mirza tells Pappu that Mishra is not bad. Pappu asks if he is mad and asks how do you know? Mirza tells that he came to know that Mishra admires and respect him at heart. Mishra tells Pappu that he took 3 hours to believe. Bittu asks what? Mishra tells that Mirza praises me behind my back and wants to become like me. He says he is thinking to end the fight with him and become friend. Pappu and Bittu get shocked and think if they befriend then haveli will never be sold. Bittu tells Mishra that he is not smart as he thinks and that Mirza is conspiring against him. Pappu tells Mirza that nobody befriends without a reason and says Mishra wants to acquired the haveli. Bittu says he might sell your kidney, eyes, etc. Mishra says Mirza can’t do this. Bittu says he will back stabbed you. Mirza doesn’t believe Pappu. Both Bittu and Pappu provoke Mirza and Mishra against each other.

Later Mirza and Mishra come home and look at each other angrily. Shanti tells Sakina that their friendship seems to be difficult. Sakina says she is also afraid about this. Mirza and Mishra come to each other again. Mishra breaks the cutter and throws it. Mirza breaks the stainer and throws it. Mishra asks what I have to do with it? Mirza says I know everything, you want to acquired haveli. Mishra says haveli is mine. They have an argument. Mirza asks him not to make him angry. Shanti and Sakina try to stop them and drag them to their house. Brij scolds Shanti and Sakina for their cheap gifts. Noorjahan also scolds them. Shanti says they were mad to gift such a thing. Paro overhears them and thinks if they become friends then how will I fool them?

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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