Art love Riansh fan friction. Chapter 13 Vansh to go usa?

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Hello guys first tell me if you want any os from me or not bhai apni marzi ka diya hai maine abhi tak kon konse? Um known or unkown,hacked etc etc yaad nhi. Suggest me if you want any os and ya sorry for keeping this ff in waiting wo kya hai na if i start any os or ts bla bla i end up writing that first not other things. Thanks a lot for ur response kitne the wo bhi yaad nhi 😂 bhulakad hu mai. Ok so let’s start.

Vansh camed back after attending call. He saw riddhima and rishab chatting together and shruti sitting and studying alone. He camed to her and asked….

Vansh: studying alone?

Shruti: yeah actually they are discussing doubts and i am good in maths so solving here alone.

Vansh: maths is my favourite. (vansh srsly mujhe itna nhi)

Shruti: is it? Can you solve this one i am confused in this method.

Vansh: sure show.

He started explaining her.

But…two pairs of eyes were not so happy seeing this scenario.

Rishab and riddhima.

Rishab (mind): shruti! What is she doing with that man and see that how she is smiling. I won’t let that happen she is mine. (ha bhai apki he hai)

Riddhima (mind): how dare he! Wait…what he did he is talking to her and helping her and she is rishab’s girlfriend so why am i jealous.

Riddhima (heart) (matlab mai): arey what if they created a strong bond and then you…yar I can’t see him with her.

Riddhima: may i know who u are? (Your writter😂)

Heart: your heart you don’t know but you love him and can’t see with someone else. That why you are jealous!

Riddhima: stop it! Wait vansh now see. She signed rocky.

Rocky camed near her she asked…

Riddhima: rocky if you want food today go and scare vansh. (pagal ho gyi yeh)

Rocky made a boring face but left to vansh as he want food.

Vansh saw rocky coming near him.

Vansh(mind): this dog!! He always have issue with me. Now what…um..

Vansh: ok so you got it. I have to attend a call i will be back ok bye.

He left from there hurriedly.

Riddhima smiled seeing this and rishab sighed a relief.

After studies…

All left from there….

Vr mansion

Uma was walking here and there and she saw vansh entering there.

Uma: vansh!

Vansh: what mom?

Uma: your dad has decided that you will go usa after your exams the very next day you have to leave.

Vansh (shocked): what!?

Uma: yes now nothing can happen you have to go.

Vansh: but mom.

Uma: no buts and ifs you have to. Good night.

Vansh(thinking): after giving this news good night.

Riddhima’s house…

Riddhima was pacing here and there and rocky was watching her.

Riddhima: do i love vansh?
No no

Rocky was angry on hearing riddhima loves vansh. He started barking (vansh ka jaani dushman)

Next morning…

Riddhima was running like a cheeta because she was late. She entered class with a thud! And to her luck teacher wasn’t there. She sighed relief and saw….

(Na na tension na lo bich me nhi chodungi)

Vansh was sitting with a random girl (kon banna chahta hai wo lucky insaan do comment 😂)

Riddhima got surprised but she saw teacher was coming in class so sat beside a boy.

Riddhima (thinking): wasn’t i his partner? Then? Why am i thinking as he forgot me leave there must be a reason i will ask him after class. That better now concentrate on class riddhi!

After class…

Everyone left from there as it was free lecture. Riddhima saw vansh talking with a boy and went towards him.

Riddhima: hi vansh.

No reply

Riddhima: hello!

Vansh(irritated): what you want? Can’t you see we are talking.

Riddhima got shocked and left from there hurt.

Riddhima: why is he behaving like this. Is he upset that i sended rocky to him yesterday or he is just stressed or he may be discussing something important. I don’t know what happened to him.

After college…

Riddhima was standing on entrence and was talking with shruti and rishab.

Just then vansh camed there but he left without talking.

This irked riddhima. She got irritated and left from there.

Riddhima’s house…

Riddhima was sitting and thinking about vansh’s behavior. (oh my writing at 4:30 am)

Riddhima: is it really love? But he is ignoring me like hell. I will propose him after our exams. All is well riddhu.

She slept thinking about vansh…..

Ok done srsly writing at 4:30 am and feeling sleepy but exams are starting after 10 days so need preparation. I guess i will be able to post one episode before exams and then I don’t know.

And ya i am unable to comment on our brilliant writters ff’s or os. Don’t mind just count one comment in from my side. All the best to those whose exams are starting and yes guys you all are amazing writters so keep writing. Ok bye bye take care.

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