Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 43

Checking her phone for the nth time, Ridhima frowns, when she finds that it still had 15 minutes to complete an hour, an hour Vansh was talking about. She again walks to the mirror, her eyes scrutinizing her facade. Vansh bought her a bright red lace gown which had a portrait neck line.

The dress suited Ridhima the most it could ever be to anyone as if it was just made for her, to bring the darker shade of Ridhima to the limelight. Red has always been the wildest color which portraits love and danger. Even though the dress had everything modest, it made Ridhima look richly voluptuous.

“Bhabhi” Ridhima swiveled towards the door as the voice was in that direction. Her eyes then settled on the intruder, Sanjana, who was probably panting as if she had ran across the floor to reach her room.

Ridhima confounds her arrival, her eyebrows furrowed; she stands up from the recliner she was sitting on before walking towards her.

“Wah Bhabhi! You are so ho- charming.” Sanjana splutters at the end, not wanting to sound licentious. Ridhima smiles, already knowing what she wanted to tell.

“I want to take your picture.” Sanjana articulates immediately make Ridhima surprised. Nevertheless, she agrees for taking a picture making Sanjana happy. After a 5-minutes of tussle of finding the best light and background spot, a click sound from Sanjana’s mobile makes Ridhima sigh in relief. She was never the one interested in taking photos especially with all the right affects.

Immediately, Ridhima’s phone pings with a notification drawing her attention. She walks to the recliner and takes her phone before opening the notification panel.

‘Parking lot, wifey’

Ridhima grins widely, spotting that it was exactly the time Vansh had asked her to come to the parking lot. She closes her phone and turns around only to find Sanjana already gone. She takes her pochette, slinging it on her arm, before walking off from the room.

Sanjana watches from behind, as Ridhima walks through the floor, pushing the lift button and waiting for it to come. She smirks before propping her phone out and opening what’s app and texting something.

She smiles looking at the screen before going back to her room.


Ridhima walks into the parking lot checking sideways to find the car waiting for her.

“Ma’am, this way.” She turns left, finding a person clad in a white formal as if he was a chauffeur who was pointing his hand in a direction to the extreme left. Ridhima looks in that direction finding a car already parked over there.

“Vansh sir sent you?” Ridhima queries to which the person bows his head. Ridhima nods her head before walking past him to the car, frequently checking her surroundings to find no threat.

She was trying to ignore all the bad feelings she was caught in suddenly, when a notification interrupts her. She takes a deep breath before picking up the phone and checking the notification.

‘Don’t worry you are safe, Mrs.Rai Singhania.’

She bites her teeth with a racy smile, hitting her head slightly at her previous thoughts. Of course, her husband protects her as if she was a gentle flower, losing which will never be a choice he would prefer.

Without further ado, she sat in the car, which roared to its life and rushed of the parking lot passing through the gates before hitting the highway.

After what felt like a half an hour, the car halted with a screech making Ridhima look at the surroundings. It was a very tranquil peace with almost no population in the view.

“Ma’am, we reached.” Ridhima nods at him, before getting out from the car while adjusting her dress. After doing, she looks around finding the car already left and then looks back at the place.

It was very well en kindled with lights, making the view better. The path was clearly modified and was clearly indicated t be the way to the destination.

Ridhima exhales deeply, holding her clutch rigid before taking her steps ahead. Her steps were stable while her eyes were itinerant in search of her love, who was hell bent in making her worry. As the steps she covered increased, a meager noise was hitting her along with a cool atmosphere. The trees and bushes that were covering the path densely were gradually reduced making the space to walk; comparatively wide.

Ridhima stops in her path, when she finally comes to the end of the path, a gasp leaving her mouth when she finds that she had walked towards the sea. A very cosmic sea or ocean, she didn’t know.

She walks further, slightly shivering at the cool breeze stirring near her. Her stilettos were plummeting into the sand making her stumble. She sighs before bending down and taking her heels off, holding them with her hand, she walks further searching for Vansh.

After a few minutes of searching, she stops and takes out her phone before dialing to her husband, who was hell bent in making her angry. She shouts in annoyance when he doesn’t lift her call.

“Vansh, where the hell are you? Come, or I will leave.” She shouts looking at her surroundings, trying to find him. But no, she doesn’t find a single human in the vicinity.

The sea was buzzing in front of her, with its dominant strength as if it was its own master. The waves were crawling gently to the shore, carelessly dribbling on to the sand. Few waves were dominantly reaching the shore as if they are forming tides and the ebbing of those tides was harmonious.

Taking in a cavernous breath, she closes her eyes feeling the tranquility of the surrounding. She always liked to be in calm, peaceful and serene vicinity, which she was right now standing in.

A soft music all of a sudden, echoes in the air making her retort. Turning to her left from where she was getting the sound, she quickly walks in that direction hoping for finding him.

With almost a one minute walk, she stops when she finds something visible. It was shining with its far appearance making Ridhima think that it must be the place where she had to go. She walks towards the place carefully, with each step the brightness kept perceptible.

When she finally reaches the place, she sighs looking at the setup in front of her. It was so beautiful that she forgot to check her surroundings for a moment.

There was a long wooden canopy with white curtains hung on it. There were beautiful lamps placed on all sides with different colors emitting, between all the colorful lights, was a plain bed with cushions put diagonally while facing towards the beach. Well, she went on few dates similar with him but this one was a bit different.


She gasps deeply and her breathing turn erratic all of a sudden when she hears that deep yet husky voice. She loves him calling her with endearments specially ‘Sweetheart’. It makes her feel so sweet.

She holds the hem of her dress tightly, unable to turn back as currently she was so overwhelmed with joy that once she sees him, she will faint.

“I hate you.”

She frowns, coming out of all the thoughts she had previously as his words sink into her. She stays calm until the words she listened were totally understood in her brain. A sudden panic arises in her and she tries to turn, but even before she could do it, Vansh walks forward and holds her shoulder stiff.

“Don’t turn back. Just listen.”

She doesn’t respond with unanswered questions arising in her.

“I hate you” This time his voice was slightly clear as if trying to make it much clear. Her hold on the dress tightens further turning pale white.

“Vanh, What-

“I hate you. I hate you so much because I was so alone before you came along and filled my life with what I call as bliss. I hate you so much because, I felt as if I was so lost that I started discovering myself after looking through your apparition. I hate you so much because I was so angry with all the things that happened to me before you came and cherished my heart with your memories. I hate you so much because you made me so vulnerable with my feelings that even a second without you would create void in my soul. I hate you so much because you made me, an introvert, to go through an emotional phase for my inability to express my feelings. I hate you so much for making me fall for you so much that I am willful to get hurt too. I hate you so much for making me love you so hard it’s really difficult for me to again love someone by the same token, but I won’t lament. I just love you…love you so much.


He stops, unable to continue further as the tears he had were already falling down wetting her exposed shoulders too, as he dips his head and lays it on her shoulder trying to not sound like a sober. She closes her eyes, trying to stop her tears of joy on listening how he just put his feelings in front of her, so unlikely of his nature to speak out, for her to understand that she matters, more than what she expects from him.

Leaning back into him, she gently places her palm on his cheek, brushing his cheeks with her fingers as he cuddles her with his hands, pulling her more towards him.

She was still silent, following his instructions that he gave earlier. But she was screaming inside her, jumping here and there not caring for anything but to express her joy, like a maniac. Like the heroines she saw in films, who dance frantically when they fall or realize their love for their heroes. Ridhima was living her phase too.

He takes in a deep breath, before lifting his head and turning Ridhima towards him, a gasp leaving her moth when she turns. Her breath gets struck when she takes in his looks, he was dangerously handsome and striking like always. But every time she sees her, he looks different, the same but different; making her fall for him every second.

He holds her face, looking into her eyes directly, and got lost in her eyes. Her black eyes were anything but intense, filled with several emotions for him as he looks into her eyes profoundly.

Eyes that love you will catch your soul, even if you weren’t aware of its falling.

“Even now, I don’t know if I am able to express myself properly but I am trying to do it. I am trying to redeem myself so much that I want to be the best for you. Love was never the thing I dreamt to have of. I have always heard of being in love, fancied how it would be and right now feeling how it is because of you.

No word…phrases…or paragraphs that I have to say that I love you but even in the darkest phases of my life I would just be a smile on your phase.

I love you.”

He leans forward and kisses her forehead before pulling her into his embrace, her home. She smiled, possibly the brightest smiles of her so far, it isn’t easy that people whom you love return the same love towards you or probably more than you.

Destiny definitely knows everything.

She moves her head back, looking at him.

“You just said that you hate me for so many times, you understand.” Her voice held some mischief.

“Areyy I—

He laughs awkwardly trying to sound fine while waving his hand dismissively.

“That was just my way of expressing. Weird na? Even I think the same.”

Ridhima laughs at his actions before pulling his cheeks and squishing them.

“Ah! Leave me.”He rubs his cheeks which were slightly paining “Now tell me your response.” He says while looking at her.

“For what?”

“For my question.”

“Acha, fine.” She tucks her hair behind and continues “I love me too.”

Vansh opens his mouth in shock listening to her while she bursts out laughing. He frowns before pulling her to him and holding her tight.

“Tell properly or I will eat you.”

She controls her laugh slightly before looking at him and smiling.

“I love you too and remember I was the first to propose you.” She says while poking her tongue out at him making him laugh.

“But I love you more.”

“No, I love you more.”

“I love you more. I am even trying my best to become someone who is perfect for someone like you, the precious one.”

“No need Vansh, don’t become someone perfect. In fact, no one is perfect in this world. Every person do have some flaws. Love isn’t just between two perfects too. It’s just two true people accept each other along with their flaws promising it to be a lifelong relationship.” She says and he nods his head, like an obedient child.

“So, is this a date?” She looks looking the surroundings.

“No, I planned a night over here. Under the stars, with my star.” He says while pointing at the sky and her while she reacts dramatically holding her heart as if she was melting.

“Such a flirt.” She utters while he fakes his smile.

“Now what can your poor husband do? He is trying to make things work early before we reach home from the trip or else we will not get enough time back home right.” He says while making a pout.

“Why? After the trip, what’s happening when we reach our home? Even then I have to stay with you only.” Ridhima makes a tsk sound at the end as if it was really a boring thing.

“Oh hello! I am not that boring first of all and the second thing is you will be busy in your company and all. I will really have to miss our moments.”

“Company? My… ah what..?” Ridhima queries, utterly shocked by his lexis.

Vansh smiles at her, before pulling out his phone and shoving it towards Ridhima.

“The company you will start working in. You wanted a startup deal right, so here it is, your own place. Now, you can start your office or should I say event managing company.” He winks at her while she just looks at the mobile, on which is a photo displayed of a building, which was hers as per Vansh.

“I have talked with few friends of mine in the same field who are ready to associate with you, after knowing your works of course.” He says trying to grab her attention but her eyes were still on his phone screen.

“They even checked the works done by you on Ishani’s wedding and are slightly impressed with your works. Some changes and you will be as successful as many of them are.” Vansh frowns when Ridhima still doesn’t respond to him.

“And no, I am not helping you to build your whole career but it’s just a start that I have given. You are really talented wifey. I will really be happy if you will accept this.” Having enough ignorance, Vansh pulls his phone back which makes Ridhima snap out of her thoughts. She looks at Vansh who was standing in front of her, expecting some sort of reaction.

“I know, you are totally a self respectable woman. But see, this husband of you wants to be a small part of your whole career like you have supported to me emotionally. It’s just a small gesture to make you smile. And remember, you got some money for your arts, well even this place is brought with that money only which you wanted to donate to the orphanage. Don’t worry I will donate the money on your behalf. I really want—

He stops when Ridhima engulfs him into a hug, burying her head into him. Vansh gets startled at her sudden moment but then balances himself from falling.

“Thank you.” Her muffled voice makes him smile heartily. The contentment he got at her acceptance was unimaginable. Even the small things bring a lot’s of happiness when it is done with love.

“This isn’t a small thing. I am very happy that my husband really wants to be a small part of my career, to stand like a support to me and wants to see me climb the mountain of success. This is the best thing that a woman could achieve for her after her career. But Vansh, I will start all the things from scratch. I will work hard to get the success I always wanted. Promise me that you will never try to help me anymore.” She says while looking at him. Vansh nods while keeping his fingers under his chin, as if making a promise to her.

“Now come here.” He pulls her with him while walking towards the bed. After reaching, he jumps onto the bed pulling Ridhima along. She shouts at his sudden yank while falling on him in the moment.

He shouts in pain when she falls on him badly due to his over enthusiasm, her weight causing him to wince in reaction.

“What?” She raises her eyebrows at him who stops his hisses. “You are shouting as if I weigh a ton.” She says, frowning at him.

“God, you are so dominating.”

She gets up from him while adjusting her dress, in the process she fails to hear him properly.

“Vansh, I wanted to ask you something. What if someone finds us here right now?” She asks while looking at him.

“No one would see us, especially when I have booked it on beforehand.” He says leaving her amused.

“Are you serious? You just booked the whole seaside shore for a day?” She shouts being shocked.

“First of all there is a facility of a beach night only for a couple available in this resort. They will ensure about the supreme privacy we will have.” He says rather coolly making her wonder how idiot he is.

“But the way you are looking hot.” Heat rises up her cheeks listening to his not-so-early compliment.

“That, I do.” Ridhima smiles at him, before turning back to adjust her dress.

“How am I looking?” He asks, leaning towards her.

“Dashing.” She says while winking at him.

“Dashing.” He imitates her tone before pulling her towards him. She gasps at the sudden proximity, hitting her. He pins her down while lying on her. Her eyes widen at his actions. His cologne was hitting her nose, making him more enticing. He slowly caresses her face while she squirms under his contact.

She was turning impatient, wanting him to touch her more and more and not just a mere contact or a kiss. May be she was wanting more, she wasn’t sure if she wants to take this step but she willing to have this.

The most grating part of a marriage is, introversion. When both the partners are shy enough to take a step further in their relation, it would really be a task to get started with a physical relation. Intimacy isn’t the only thing a marriage has, but it helps people to understand each other better. Having enough knowledge and practice about the same is very important to start a healthy relation.

It takes supplementary time for two people in a marriage to understand each other followed by respect, truth and loyalty.

Ridhima and Vansh shared intimacy both physically and emotionally several times. But still, something stops either of them from making love. It isn’t like they just love each other, which they do along with truth and respect too.

Love and lust aren’t two poles apart. When love happens then lust too has some phase in it.

As Vansh closes their distance slightly except for their heads which held little place, Ridhima was battling with the inner battle of feelings.

‘Ridhima’ He gently whispers her name while caressing her cheeks and she looks up meeting his eyes which clearly held some desire in them. He raises his eyebrows at her as if asking her if something is wrong.

She doesn’t respond to him before closing their distance by sealing their lips. Rather shocked, Vansh slowly responds to his wife who was already dominating her way. The kiss was deep and long like never before. It was totally filled with passion, excitement, craving.

Totally impatient with her desire, she starts removing his shirt’s buttons making him taken aback. He immediately holds her hand, stopping her, making her groan in annoyance.

“What are you doing?” He asks looking into her eyes. She doesn’t respond making him frown. She just pulls him by his shirt making him gasp.

“Are you sure you want this? It isn’t necessary for us to make love immediately, Ridhima. We can wait until you are comfortable.” He says trying to make her understand that he cares for her.

“You are comfortable with this?” She asks wanting to know whether he has the same desire she was having. Instant blush creeps to his face making him turn red deeply, she smiles when she gets the answer.

“Then I am okay with it.”

“But will we do here?” Vansh whispers lightly.

“Remember ‘Supreme privacy’ we are having.” Ridhima winks at Vansh making him laugh.

Ridhima looks at him, as he smiles, she loves to see him laughing. His giggles are just like a kid, totally out of the world types. Whenever she is angry with anything, his laugh acts as a mood changer for her.

“I really want us to take our relationship to the next level, Vansh.”

Vansh smiles at her happily before closing their lips into another kiss which lasted longer.

They both then went into a phase, too far from the world, forgetting everything but just the love they have for each other. As they remove barriers of differences both physical and emotional between them, growing more and more intimate until they met and became one making love to each other. Discovering each other like no one else. It was something magical happening in between them, as they cherish each other with zeal, driving to the ecstasy together.

The cool breeze was flowing adjacently, trying to reduce the heat and temperature of the ambiance. The clouds were obstructing the moon making the atmosphere go dark, as if trying to make sure that they were safe from the world’s vision. The tides hit the shore gently, trying to maintain the calmness spread over. It was as if the whole universe was celebrating, yet another tale of love and passion.

The moment held special for them, far away from all the problems they might have in the future but they know that nothing can happen when they have each other.

The Mid night fell like a rich clear terrestrial blanket of black; velvety and magnificent.

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