An stranger to a blessing in life:-By Amyra.. Read on!


Don’t judge by cover!

Thinking why am I posting!

Because it’s for some one whom I love a lot.

This person came like a blessing in life, as friends, as my chlti phirti secret diary, as my sister always there!

What more roles she played, I can’t count on!

But the only thing I feel for her are:-

~Its really the best feeling when a stranger turns out to be the best person of your life!

~i can’t stop worrying or thinking good for, as it is not a burden but it’s that she is important for me!

~everything for me is fine,until she is there with me.

Because I share everything with her, so does she too!


Love you siso!


Thinking whom I have mentioned till now!?

Read on!


A/N:- whoever is mentioned here have already met once.

For the first time, I am adding pics, .

And yes it contains delicious cake pics, so caution!


Vr mansion,



Ridhima:- ummm! Thinking why am I sitting and thinking freely! And what am I thinking!?

Yes , I am thinking my special ones!

Yes, sorry didn’t get about whom!


Hmm so basically, I love reading and writing, in this process I got a new family! And they are dear to me!

And today is surprise planned for one on them by me and Amyra , radhika, ayesha. (Sabko mention krna sorry..koi

mind nhi krna…sb special ho.)


U would be thinking why am I doing for persons whom I have never met, but I have few who there are on insta and we do talk there!

But about sitting, then I have told vansh to crosscheck the surprise and then go to office .



Voices:- surprise!!!!!


Ridhima stand and goes towards them!and hugs them one by one!


Ridhima: aagye sb! But where is a….!

(Cutting her)


Amyra:- ufff! Please , listen first.. (Cutting her)

Radhika:- we have done lot of acts to convince her…

Ridhima:- agreed or not!??

Amyra:- yes…

(Cutting her)

Ayesha:- but we have played up a prank to call her!

Ridhima:- what!!!! () what you all did!?

Aarushi:- Nothing much just told her that…. (Cutting her)

Aayu:- ki we are struck near a mansion and our care has broken down and there is no mechanic near by! And it like forest area, so we need her urgently.. And…


Ridhima:- she will come with a mechanic!? It only for her!… And if she will come to know about your stupid prank n.. She will surely kill you all..


Radhika:- Aree listen… We told that we only need petrol.. Rest all is ok! So only petrol is coming with her! (Burst out laughing)


Ayesha:- yea, so basically she would be thinking that we are stuck near the forest area ,mansion and are in the mansion to safe gaurd ourselves till she arrives.

So basically when she will arrive we will tell her that first she should come in, to prove us that she has arrived! ()


Ridhima:- and what makes you think she will come in!?



Ayesha :- that toh amyra knows, it all her prank and she will be only the one who has told us to do so.

(Ayesha, sb mere upr daal diya)


Amyra looks at ayesha a then says


Amyra:- Aree, no problem.. We will tell that kii…. Yess. We will tell that we will only come out when she will show up herself in the mansion!


Radhika:- yeah, perfect!

She will surely be convinced!


Ridhima:- ooo, godd such a planning! For a surprise to be presented as one!

Well of she will come to know about your prank n….all will be… u understood right!


All:- yes, we did!


Ridhima:- accha by what time she will be here!


Aarushi:- as planned, in half an hour!


Ridhima:- ok then let’s go and hide and all is ready so need to take tension!


Everyone:- done!

Let’s go!



All hide, after half an hour amyra’s phone rang up!

Girl:- where are you all, I can’t see you!

Amyra:- we all are in the mansion that is in front of you!

Girl:- why!? Come out now!


Amyra with blank brain murmured

Amyra:- why, I don’t our hardwork to be wasted!


Girl:- what???? Which hard work!?


Amyra back to senses:- umm… No hard work I meant….


She sees towards all others who were glaring her.

Amyra in sign language;


Amyra:- what to say!?

All:- we don’t know! 仄儭

Amyra:- please!


Aarushi :- say there were monkeys!



Girl:- will you speak up!

Amyra:- actually they were….

……there were many monkeys outside so we ran into the mansion .you come in, so we will get a proof that there are no monkeys please!


Girl:- accha ok! I am coming in!


Call hanged,


And all said “you had all nearly failed are plan”.

Amyra-: sorry! I went in the flow sorry!

All:- mjak tha… Chlo chupo jldi!

( it was a joke …come let’s hide)




In the mansion , it was all dark .all were hiding behind some of the other things .


After 5mins the door opened and the girl entered

She said little loud :- is anyone here, kha gye sb? Radhika, aayu, aaru, ayesha, amyra!!?

Aao bhar, there are no monkeys!

( is anyone here? where are you all? Radhika! Aayu! Aaru! Ayesha! Amyra! Come out ! there are no monkeys!


She took baby steps and came in, all of a sudden all the lights went on and for a moment everything was blank for her but then she heard

Voices:- “Happy Birthday Gauri”.


She was startled because she hadn’t expected all this! .

She was looking at them, then ridhima went and hugged and wished her.

Ridhima:- happy birthday gauri!

Gauri:- thank you riddhu!


And one by one all wished her,


Aayu:- many many returns of the day Gauri!

Gauri:- thankq aayu!


Aarushi:- happiest birthday Ms. Author!

Gauri:- thank you aaru!


Ayesha:- happy birthday dear!

Gauri :- thank you ayeshuuu!


Radhika:- happy birthday gayatri ji! (Teasing her)

Gauri:- hehehehe… Thank you Radha ji!


Amyra:- Happiest birthday darling, and my supernatural imaginator!

Gauri:- thankq my suspense queen!


(This is what I call her and what she addresses me as.. And about the rest too)



All wished her, then something stuck her mind,

Gauri:- accha thank you so much , all toh is ok! But this the petrol (forwarding the bottle)

But non forwarded their hand to take it!

Gauri was little confused from their behavior.

Gauri :- areeeee take it and return to the car and let’s go and thank you for this amazing surprise wishing session!



All looked at her then at each other and again at her.


Ridhima:- Aree… (Cutting her)

Aarushi:- you

Aayu:- seriously

Ayesha:- did

Radhika:- not

Amyra:- understood!?


Gauri:- what!? You called me your hand over this petrol so that you can head back to your homes and I am really thankful for this wonderful wishing session. it was really unpredictable for me. thank you now let’s go! ?


Radhika:- like seriously!?

Gauri:- what!?


Aayu:- it was all a prank!



Aarushi:- yes!

Ayesha:- but plan was not our!

Radhika:- yes, we are not at fault!


Gauri:- are you guys serious ….then who did this is stupid prank!?


All pointed towards amyra!



(Ha bs meri heei glti h sb… Tum sb toh kuch liye heei nhi)


Amyra:- what!?

Radhika:- what what!?

Amyra:- Aree what!?


Gauri:- stop it ! what is this? What what!


Amyra:- I am the only one who has all planned this all but i am not alone yaar…they all helped me.


Everyone:- hawwwww!

Amyra:- what haww! ?

Ayesha:- wrong, you were the only one who said about this prank!

Aarushi:- yes, don’t act innocent!

Amyra:- accha ok, this is all planned my me , happy!

Gauri:- such a bad prank!


Amyra:- yaar it’s your birthday I am a sister n….now please forgive me! And everything is fare in love and war!

And this is our love! So!

(Gauri… You consider me as a sister so spare me please)


Gauri:- so philosopher Kal by the way can we go home now , if your prank and this session is over!?


Ridhima:- no!

Actually there is something more to get changed climb the stairs and the take left and the first room there is a dress where it and come down we are waiting then we will see what we have to do! ?


Gauri:- buttt


Everyone:- no butt!!!!!!!

Gauri:- ok fineeee….

She goes up!


Ridhima:- ok then, let’s see how see looks!


Aayu:-where is cake btw!?


Ridhima:- yes, in the fridge!


Ayesha:- oooh.. K!


After few minutes the birth day girl descends down the stairs, she was looking gorgeous!

In blue white frock, with minimal makeup and open hairs,

(see my imagination )





After she came down:-

Gauri:- now what you all have to do!


Amyra:- nothing more we are just going to have memorizing party that you will remember lifetime!


Radhika:- just wait and watch!


Then they took her out in back garden, blindfolded!

And once reached opened her bindfold!

She was mesmerized to see the decor!




On the table there were so many cakes;!!!

































Ridhima:- how is our surprise!?


Gauri:- blissful!

(Gauri koi aur word bolna tha toh sorry I typed this)


Gauri:-these many cakes!!!??

Aayu:- yes,

Aarushi :- rest is surprise!

Gauri:- how much more surprises!?! My patience is getting out of control!



Ayesha:- accha, ook… Now let’s start with the cake cutting.





Everyone:- whyyyyyyy!?


Amyra :- few are still to arrive!


Ridhima:-are you serious


Radhika:- yes! Yes! Got it!


They hearsome voices and recognized them at once!

Radhika:- aaa gye!

Gauri:- aswathi di, aisha di, niyati di!



(Ha maine sbko bulaya h… )


Ayesha:- hawww! This was not told to us!


Amyra:- even, I told them when we reached here!.. Almost a u-turn in plan!


Aisha di:- happy birthday!!!!

Niyati di:- happier, happiest birthday!!

Aswathi di:- happiest birthday, cutiepie.


Gauri:- thank you!!!!!!

Ridhima:- shall we cut the cake???


Amyra :-noooooo!

Gauri:- what now!??

Now do you want to Jill and surprise my soul?

(Sorry for this sarcastic and lame jokebut I thought Gauri would be irritated after my disapproval for cake cutting everytime)


Amyra:- yes, just 2 mins!

Gauri:- fast!


Everyone:- yes, fast!

Amyra:- ha ok! !


Amyra and ridhima whispering:-

Amyra:- projector!?

Ridhima:- all done, just connect!

Amyra:- ok!

Whispering convo done!


Amyra went towards a big figure covered with a cloth .

She pulled it up!

And there was a projector!


All were watching her and waiting to see what was going to be played.


And finally it was Done!

And it was a shocking and happy moment for Gauri!

The projector played all the messages from her TU family .


( now I had no way showcase all your wishes one by one…. So this came up… )


On the screen at was messages from all the TU members

(Everyone’s is counted in)

(Hope now no one is going to be gussa from me)


Gauri:- like seriously!?

Did you all collected all these?


Amyra:- nahhh

Gauri:- then!?

Amyra:- aswathi di is equally shared in this surprise!


Gauri:- thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it!


Ridhima:- now can we cut the cake… It is melting!?


Amyra:- no again!!!


All are glaring me!

Everyone:- what now!?

Amyra:- just 1 min!


I played a song!!



Not going to write the lyrics,

Name of the song- happy birthday song obviously )



So the song is being played and here and our birthday girl is cutting off cakes

. She started cutting all the cakes one by one and it’s almost done .

she is feeding us and we are feeding her. and its lot of fun here and at last all are clicking pictures with each other trying to memorize all these precious memories in a minds .


Now now it one more thing!


All part off from Gauri and stand in a group ,

so the scene is like this Gauri is at another side of the table and we all are on the other side.


Gauri:- nothing more pls!


Everyone :-it is!


Ok so here we start!


Aayu is playing guitar, giving tune to our song.

And we all are singing tere jaisa yaar kha on mic in our voice.


So finally we sang a song and after that we all started to go for dinner ,

All were settling down on the dining table inside the Hall Of VR mansion.


I and Gauri were just entering, while I!

Amyra:- how was our surprise and my part!?

Gauri:- ( obviously you are going to review it, gorgeous)


After a few moments all settled down on the dining table and we had a dinner , clicked more pics,chit -chatted and Departed to our homes!


It was an indeed and memorable ever surprise, I guess!








It my wish here,, I could not possibly write this in my story, so here it is!


On your special day, I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are and may the years ahead be fruitful. Happy birthday to you

We’ve never met in person, but I know you’d be an amazing person when we finally meet and I wish you have a fabulous birthday today.

Happy birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! I love you to the moon and back and am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times weve shared this year. I hope you have a great day!

Thank you for making me smile at all times. I hope the next year will be full of love and happiness. Gorgeous Floral!!!


Im so blessed to have an amazing person like you in my life. Youre special and may your birthday bring you more of Gods blessings.


.Knowing and having someone special like you in my life is a wonderful blessing from the Almighty. As you celebrate your birthday, may your happiness be full.



You stole my heart from the moment you came into my life. As you mark your special day today, I wish you have a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to you, girl,, again!


Have an wonderful day and a year, ahead!!!




Some nice you would be thinking from where I got this idea and many more things let me clear it all here .

I am this type of person only I love to give surprise to anyone but I really don’t expect because people don’t feel it.

so I do it very selflessly ,so how was it Gauri and tell me how was it because I truly don’t know about your review .


And yes I was working on this from last six days because it is one of the most longest one I have ever written whether it’s about my ff or about any OS and it consists of about 12000 characters, shocked???


This is nothing in front of my love for her!

love you Gauri!!

Happiest birthday dear!


I said I mostly love to write emotional one shots.

But I don’t know from the time I have started I am only getting happy ideas and probably I could not make this surprise an emotional one,

so sorry if I made any!


Again sorry for the prank Gauri! In this os!


And thank you for all my friends those were mentioned for helping him my Idea and all my other team members for sending their messages!


Now tell me how was my projector Idea because I truly don’t know what you would think about that!???

And your Views are always welcome!



No you all would be thinking from where I can say that dress is favorites! that dress was asked by me to Gauri but she was tricked and she really didn’t know about this one shot!

So Gauri how was my trick and please don’t kill me for this prank in ff for tricking you in choosing the dress between the two!




Do comment!

Love you all,

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