Actress Rashmi Agdekar says, ‘we were careless after the COVID curve had flattened’ | People News

New Delhi: Actress Rashmi Agdekar is popularly known from the film “Andhadhun” as Daani and Chandni in the popular web series “Dev DD2”. The actress showed up concern about the current situation of the nation regarding the deadly virus, just when we thought that number of cases had dropped it spiked drastically. 

Rashmi Agdekar recently opened up about the impact of the second wave of COVD-19 on her ongoing projects and the effects it has on Bollywood. 

Addressing the problems because of the virus, Rashmi Agdekar said, “As of now it is unclear as to what restrictions shoots would have, but we cannot be crowding sets for sure. It is going to affect all shoots to some degree, let’s hope it’s not as bad as the last lockdown. Well, we got through the first lockdown. Maybe this time we are prepared for it. But a loss is a loss. We cannot lose hope at any cost. I’m sure the fraternity will come up with a solution to continue work soon. Not just actors, but more people on the crew are down with covid which follows with quarantine protocols for everyone, thus halting shoots. It is very unfortunate that the things which had just started resuming are struggling once again.”

Talking about her projects Rashmi Agdekar further added, “I’m very uncertain about it at the moment. I hope we get to at least finish what we started. I don’t have a fallback plan per se, I’ve always wanted to act and make movies. But today since the entertainment industry is taking new forms, there’s no harm in exploring! To be honest, we were careless after the covid curve had flattened. It just seemed as if the virus didn’t exist anymore. I hope we don’t make the same mistake from now on.”

On the work front, Rashmi Agdekar has some exciting upcoming projects lined up which she will be announcing soon but because of the COVID-19, everything is getting delayed.


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