A Quest for the Heart – Episode 21

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Epi starts..

Riddhima and Vansh are still by the poolside when Vansh looked at her.

Vansh: Do you want to go out?

Riddhima: Out?? Out where?

Vansh: Just you and me out on a trip and a date.

Riddhima: A date?

Vansh: If you don’t mind.

Riddhima: Why would I mind? I would love too but I thought you were going to look for Kabir?

Vansh: Kabir can wait. you are more important (he winked)

Riddhima blushed: What time tonight?

Vansh: 6pm? We can go for a long drive and then have dinner in a farmhouse I own about 2-3 hours away from here.

Riddhima: We going to stay overnight?

Vansh: Come on sweetheart. You have stayed with me in my room for a whole night, what is there to be scared of?

Riddhima laughs: Sounds fun. But I have one condition.

Vansh: What’s that?

Riddhima: Can you give Angre the day off too?

Vansh: Why? and how did Angre suddenly come into the conversation?

Riddhima: Just like that.

Vansh: He is busy anyway with helping the camera man.

Riddhima: Please na Vansh, give him the night/day off too. He is stressed.

Vansh started getting a bit insecured

Vansh: Alright alright fine.

Riddhima: Yayy thanks.

She went up to her room leaving Vansh in thought.

Vansh (thinking): What’s so special about Angre? I am not going to leave him if he comes even as close to Riddhima. Ugh what am I thinking? He is the most trusted person I know and work with, he will never do that.

He walked away thinking..

In Riddhima’s room..

Ishani came knocking at the door.

Ishani: You called?

Riddhima: Yes yes come in, but close the door behind you.

Ishani: Okay

She walked in and then closed the door and went up to Riddhima.

Ishani: So why the hurry?

Riddhima: Listen Ishani, I want you to pack your things, we are going on that date tonight.

Ishani: What??! But how did you –

Riddhima: Sawaal baad mein. Me and Vansh are going tonight to the farmhouse he mentioned and a date before so I was thinking you could follow behind. He wouldn’t know anything. Please na say yes.

Ishani: But Riddhima, that date is for you. Not for me.

Riddhima: I think you deserve a love life too Ishani, come on na.

Ishani: Alright ok

Riddhima: Yayyyy

Ishani hugged Riddhima: Thank you

Riddhima: Anytime.

Meanwhile to Kabir..

Kabir was on the phone as he ran from VR mansion

Kabir (talking on phone): Mom, I can’t talk right now. Please

Anupriya: Beta sun, they know you are gone. Where are you going to hide? and how did you escape?

Kabir; Chill mom. I willl explain everything later. Can’t talk long, they will be able to track my phone.

Anupriya: are you going to that warehouse?

Kabir: No mom, Riddhima knows that place and knowing her, she would tell Vansh. Just keep me updated on the goings on in VR mansion.

Anupriya: Alright. But I have some news.

Kabir: What is it?

Anupriya: I overheard Riddhima and Vansh’s conversation, they are going out on a date

Kabir: Okay thanks mom

He hangs up

Kabir (thinking): I have known Riddhima for almost 3 years. If I know her well, she would set the date up and arrange for Ishani and Angre to go as well. I have just the plan to spoil it and make them come face to face.

He smirked and continued walking while making another phone call.

Back to VR mansion…

Riddhima and Ishani were getting ready in the room when Riddhima heard footsteps coming from the stairs. She panicked and told Ishani to go hide in the bathroom.

Vansh came in just as she was closing the door of the bathroom after Ishani had gone in.

Vansh: Wow! You look beautiful

She was wearing a pink dress that outlined her figure nicely and Vansh was completely lost in her.

Riddhima walked up to him and snapped her finger.

Riddhima: Vanshhh!

Vansh: Huh ohh, are you ready?

Riddhima: Yes

Vansh mumbled: I love you

Riddhima: Whattt!!?

Vansh realised what he just said and looked at her.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you sure you are ok? You are looking red

Vansh: I am umm fine. See you downstairs in 10

He walked out quickly and went downstairs. Riddhima shrugged.

Riddhima: What’s up with him?

Ishani had saw everything and then smiled while she came out.

Ishani: He is in love

Riddhima: With who?

Ishani: Isn’t it obvious?

Riddhima: Me??? Oh no that can’t be right.

Ishani: Riddhima you are too innocent. See it clearly in his eyes. He is awestuck on you

Riddhima: Shut up

Ishani laughed as they finished getting ready and went down.

Precap; Double Date night vs Kabir’s plan

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