A Fairy Tale Love Story (Promo) {link of Gauri’s birthday video is here}

Hi guys, first of all I wish my Gauri a very very Happy Birthday 🎊🎊. I know I am supposed to post 50th episode today but Tomorrow is a special day for us. Its our IMMJ2’s first Anniversary 💝. So thought to post my 50th episode on that very day because of which we are together. The wishes video’s link will be shared at the end of the post.


Promo :

Riddhima : Vansh, I hate you. I don’t love you. All this love is a drama.

Vansh : Riddhima!!!!!!



Vansh : I didn’t expect it from you. How could you do this to me? I won’t forgive you.

Riddhima : Vansh, listen to me. Don’t take a decision in haste. It’ll spoil many lives.


Vansh : No. My decision is final.


Siya : Bhai…please hear Riddhu bhabi once. You’ll regret.


Vansh : Its enough Siya.



That’s all for today. I know you all will be hell confused. But believe your author.

🥀This time will also pass🥀

And here is the link of Gauri’s birthday video :


This video is made by @Sweety21 and background music is by our @1234Aayu. Thanks for all those who helped us in making this video.

And Gauri, wish u a very happy and healthy life . Wish you a 1000 years ahead. Be the craziest and funniest author with supernatural imaginations. We need a good party for this gift. Return gift is must, okay? 😂.


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