A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 49) Truth Revealed


Today’s episode starts…..


At Medical Camp

Ritika : Look this girl did some black magic on Vansh sir. She even called him VANSH and he didn’t shouted at her.

(Ritika tumari THE END is coming soon😂)


Vansh couldn’t help himself from shouting.


Vansh(😡) : She calls me Vansh because she has the right….only HER right.


Everyone stood in a confused state.


Vansh : She is not any cheap or character less girl. She is MRS. VANSH RAISINGHANIA. My better half….My soulmate 💕


This is like a 440 Volt shock to them. Everyone stood shocked.

Ritika : What??? He is trying to save her.

Principal : What are you saying Mr. Vansh ? Are you in your senses ?


Vansh : I am in my full sense. Riddhima is my wife. Vansh Raisinghania’s wife. And I won’t stay quite when you all are accusing my wife for a so called kiss…that too which is given to her own husband.


He shows their wedding photo to all. All were standing like their mouths are stuffed with potatoes. No one dared to speak a single word realizing the truth.


Finally Principal broke the silence.

Principal : I am sorry for the inconvenience Mr and Mrs. Raisinghania.

Riddhima : Sir call me Riddhima. Its right that I am Vansh’s wife but I have my own identity. So call me just Riddhima.

Principal : Ok Riddhima. (To Vansh ) Hope you have forgiven me.

Vansh : NO. I won’t forgive anyone until you all ask forgiveness from MY Riddhima. And sir you, I know you’re elder to her but whoever does wrong should apologize. The age doesn’t matters if we apologize when we does any mistake.


Principal : Ok.(To Riddhima ) I am sorry Riddhima.

Riddhima : Its okay sir. Don’t judge a book by its cover and that’s the reason for such a mess.

Everyone apologized to Riddhima and now its Ritika’s time to apologize.


Vansh : Ms. Ritika now its your turn. Apologize to Riddhima.


As a spoilt brat she couldn’t let go off her ego


Ritika : Apologise my foot. I won’t apologize to her.


Saying so she went and everyone also retired to respective rooms as there is warning of storm in the village. So they will go to Mumbai evening.

Vansh (on call ) : Angre tell ‘xxxxxxx’ to meet me at our special place. A job has came up for her.

Angre (on call) : Okay boss. You don’t worry. I’ll manage everything.

(Missing this lines badly 😭😭)


At Riddhima’s room

Riddhima is folding her dresses and keeping it in bag while Vansh came and sat on his knees holding both ears. Seeing this Riddhima wondered and make him stand up.

Riddhima : What are you doing Vansh? Stop all this.

Vansh : I am sorry Riddhima. I can’t stay quite seeing you insulted. I broke the promise given to you of not revealing our marriage. If possible forgive me.

Riddhima : If I have to forgive you, first you have to do something wrong. If you had stood mum while they insulted me only because of the promise, I would have not forgive you. In my eyes you’re not a husband who broke the promise instead you’re a husband who can’t tolerate his wife being insulted. So don’t be guilty okay ?


Vansh hugs her. At evening they all reached Mumbai.


Vansh dropped Riddhima in VR Mansion and excused himself saying he have an important meeting.


A room full of darkness is seen. There is some traces of blood in the walls. A bulb emitting small light is hanging in the ceil of the wall which is the only source for brightness.


A girl is seen tied to a chair with ropes. A tall man accompanied by another man came there. It is revealed to be Vansh and Angre.


Vansh : How is your new place Ritika? Did you like it ?


Ritika : What the hell? How dare you captivate me ? I’ll tell police. Untie me.


Vansh : Angre, seems like her arrogance is still in her. Let’s call the person who can teach her a good lesson.

Angre : Yes boss.

He calls someone and a girl came to the room.


Vansh : Welcome Priyanshi. (Looking at Ritika) She is your next prey. I would have handled her but to her luck she is born as a girl. That’s why I called you here. She abused my Riddhima and you have to make her understand that she did the gravest mistake in her life. Hope I didn’t want to explain it to you.


Priyanshi with a smirk in her face said : Don’t worry Vansh sir. I’ll make her regret her doings using my ways.


Vansh : That’s good. I’ll go now. Make sure she won’t able to utter a word in her lifetime.


Priyanshi : You go calmly sir. I’ll handle her.


Vansh (😈) : Enjoy Ritika.


Vansh and Angre went from there while Priyanshi pour boiling water to Ritika’s head.
Ritika is screaming to the core.


Ritika : Please leave me. Please.

Priyanshi : How can I leave you so easily? You have a lot to suffer.

Saying so priyanshi beated her using hot iron rod. And now Ritika is unconscious. Blood is oozing out from her mouth and body. At last Priyanshi twisted a nerve of Ritika which will make her bed ridden.


Priyanshi (on call) : Work done.

Vansh (on call) : Good job Priyanshi.


Precap : Family get together 💕


Priyanshi asked me a chance to torture Ritika. I didn’t want my priyu to become a murder that’s why I leave Ritika alive. Hope you liked it. The next episode is my 50th one and I am hell excited. Keep supporting me guys❤.



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