A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 48) Viral Kiss

Today’s episode is here 👇.


Everyone went to their respective rooms while two pair of eyes burning with jealousy are still with Riansh.

Its none other than Vishal and Ritika. They are super angry seeing Vansh and Riddhima together.


Vansh and Riddhima went to their rooms. When Riddhima came from washroom after being freshen up, someone back hugged her. She isn’t shocked because she is familiar with that touch….her husband’s touch.


Riddhima : Vansh, what are you doing here ? Anyone will see. Go to your room.

Vansh makes a cute puppy face.

Vansh : Riddhima, I am not any other man. I am wholy yours and I have official license to romance you.

Riddhima : But what if anyone sees you ? They will make rumors.

Vansh : When did my sherni (lioness) became afraid of such rumors?


Riddhima : When the most handsome bachelor made me his.

She puts her hands on his shoulders.

Vansh : Seems my wifey is coming to romantic mood. (He winks😉)

Riddhima : Leave this talks about romantic mood and say clearly why you came here. If you doesn’t have anything to say then please get out of my room.


Vansh : Ohh sweetheart…This words hurts me. I came here to sleep as I can’t sleep without you. Sleeping with you became my routine and your cologne made me an addict to it.


Riddhima : To be honest, even I am thinking how will I sleep without embracing you.


Vansh : That’s a good habit Sweetheart. Come let’s sleep.

They slept in each others embrace without knowing something big is on its way.


Its morning and Riddhima woke up due to the sun rays piercing her eyes. She smiled looking Vansh who is sleeping near her.


Riddhima : While sleeping, he looks like a innocent child. But if he wakes up then he’ll be either in Romeo mood or in Khadoos mood. Between I am little possessive about Vansh. He looks so handsome that girls are drooling over him. But only I have right on him.


Vansh(sleepy) : So my wife is adoring me and my looks, right ?

He opens his eyes and smirks.


Riddhima : Oh hello, I have the right to adore you. And I’ll do it again and again. If you looks at any other girl, I’ll torture you.


Vansh : And I love being tortured by you sweetheart. Give me a sweet good morning kiss.


Riddhima : No now you go.

Vansh : I won’t go without a good morning kiss. Its your choice whether I should go or not.

Riddhima knew that her Vansh well that he wouldn’t go until she kisses him.

Riddhima : Ok.

Vansh closed his eyes waiting for kiss but to his bad luck he felt someone pecking his cheek.

Unaware of them a camera captured this moment.

Riddhima : I kissed now go. I said GET OUT.

Vansh : This is injustice. I will take revenge for it.


When Riddhima came to campsite, everyone gives her weird glances. She had no idea about what happened.

Ritika : Riddhima, we got to know your reality. You’re so cheap.

Riddhima : What happened ? With what right you’re calling me cheap ?

Kriti : I didn’t thought you’ll be such a character less girl.

Kiara : How disgusting Riddhima ? You seduced and moreover kissed an already married man.


Riddhima still didn’t got what actually happened. Everyone is looking in their phones and looking her.


Principal : I always had a faith in you Riddhima. But you proved me wrong. You’re such a character less….


Vansh who came there at that time heard this accusations and cutted principal’s line.

Vansh (angry) : Don’t you dare to say another word.

He looked a dangerous look which made everyone gulped in fear.


Vansh : Someone tell me what happened ? Why are you accusing Riddhima ?


Principal show his phone to Vansh and Riddhima and their eyes almost came out.

It was a picture of Riddhima kissing Vansh’s cheeks. The VIRAL KISS.

Vansh : What the ***? Who took this photo ?


Principal : So you agree the picture is true. Right Mr. Vansh ?


Vansh : I said shut up and tell me who took this picture .


Everyone are scared by this shade of Vansh.


Ritika : I did it. I saw it with my eyes. I know you’re innocent and this creep seduced you. Am I right Vansh?


Vansh : First of all DON’T YOU DARE TO SAY A WORD ABOUT RIDDHIMA. And who gave you the right to call me by name ? I’ll kill you if you dare such a thing about my Riddhima.


Ritika : Sorry sir.


Vansh is at peak of anger which Riddhima sensed.


Riddhima : Vansh calm down. Please. For me. Calm down. Relax and breath slowly. Are you feeling better ?


Vansh : Yes.


Everyone who saw this wondered how Riddhima tamed the demon inside Vansh.


Precap : Truth Unfolded 💫


Hope you all liked today’s episode. How is the episode ? I know its boring but I don’t know how I wrote a long boring episode 😒.

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