A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 47)


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I know many of you missed me and I too missed you all. And some are intelligent because they predicted my story. So let’s start today’s episode.


Medical Camp

Vishal : I got….(taking a look from chit with desperation?) Ritika.

Ritika with a sadness in her face came near him and both sat opposite to each other.

Next Vansh’s turn.

Vansh : My partner is (bright face) Riddhima.

All girls lost their hope hearing this.

But Riddhu is happy that she got her life partner as game partner. But she is a lil doubtful that how did Vansh got her as partner because there are many girls other than her. Questions hovering around her mind she came and sat opposite to Vansh.

Others are continuing selecting their partners while Riddhima finally decided to question Vansh.


Riddhima : Vansh, how did you got EXACTLY ME as your partner ?

Vansh : Riddhu, did you have amnesia ? Arey, I proposed you. Did you forget that too ?

Riddhima : Vannssshhh….I asked about getting ME as game partner. I am sure it is not a coincidence. I know my hubby very well that you did something to make me your game partner. Am I right or Am I right ?


Vansh placed his hand on chest with cute face.


Vansh : Hayeeee….My wifey is very intelligent. Why won’t you be intelligent, you’re Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania.

(Self praising is a very bad habit which I have like Vanshu😂)

Riddhima : Ohh…Hello. Come to earth don’t fly that much high. Answer my question first.


Vansh : So simple. There is no chit having your name in that jar. Actually the chit having your name is under my sleeves. So I took it out pretending to be taking a chit from jar.

Riddhima (angry) : Vansh, you cheated. Do you how much……(smiling) I liked your cheating.

(Fell for this dialogue 😍)

She chuckled.

Vansh also smiles seeing his lady love chuckling.


And the game starts. (Here I am focussing only on Riansh)

Professor : As you all know I’ll ask a question to which you’ll write answer on given slate. And we will check your knowledge about your partner. So 1st question. Your partner’s favorite thing to spend time.

After 30 seconds.

Professor asked to show the answers.

Vansh : “Pranking others”

Riddhima : “Spending time with his First wife”

Everyone is shocked to see their answers.

Vansh’s answer is acceptable because everyone knows how much pranks Riddhu does but Riddhu’s answer is the shocking one.

Riddhima : Why are you all looking me like this? I said the correct answer. His….I mean Mr.Raisinghania’s assistant Angre is like his first wife and he is with Angre 24×7. So what’s wrong in my answer ?


Vansh : Yes. She is right.

Professor : Next question is Your partner’s favorite food.

Vansh : “Meethibharat”

Riddhima : “Meethibharat”

Professor : Is your answers correct?

Riansh : Yes.

Professor : The thing which makes your partner the angry.

Vansh : “Opposing her opinions”

Riddhima : “Someone touching his possessions”


Professor : Your Partner’s favourite person ?

Vansh : “Her Dad”

Riddhima : “His Dadi”

Professor : One bad habit of your partner ?

Vansh : “Kicking in sleep”

Riddhima : “Snoring in sleep”

Both looked each other in angry hearing answers.

Riddhima gave him a “come-home-I’ll-show-you” look. He is not much afraid as he know how to pacify her.

Vishal : How do you both know this ?

Riansh : I have sources.

They again looked each other.

Professor : Last question is your partner’s love.


RiAnsh : “My Soul”

Hearing the similarity in their answers some became very suspicious.

Professor announced results and RiAnsh won the game because they both know each other better.


Precap : Viral Kiss 💋


Did you like the game? I decided some other game and ended up writing this. How is the precap ?

I couldn’t add pictures as I wrote it in hurry and please ignore if there is any mistake.

Stay tuned for next episode, till then Bye.


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