A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 17) (Last chapter)

A CHANGE IN LIFE – CHAPTER 18 (Last chapter).

Hey this is aldy. Iam here with the last chapter. So everyone enjoy.

Prachi and Shahana were in the kitchen, when Virat and Vihaan comes there.

Virat:- Prachi…

Prachi:- haan. What happened?

Virat and Vihaan makes a sad face.

Shahana:- Vihaan, what happened?

Virat:- there is a letter. (Virat hand it over to Prachi and Shahana, they reads it and get happy. Prachi hugs virat).

Prachi:- you are starting a company…..

Virat:- haan. Actually, I had started it before Two month, but I have to give a surprise to you..

Prachi:- surprise?

Virat:- come. (He takes Prachi, Shahana and Vihaan. They reach to a place, where a big garden was there.

Prachi:- Virat, why we come to here?

Virat:- to show you.

Prachi:- what?

Virat:- look, there is construction taking place. And do you know, whose house is that?

Prachi:- whose.

Vihaan:- bhabi, hamara. Our house.

Prachi and Shahana gets happy.

Prachi:- really?

Virat:- haan. Most probably 5 months, after that we will be in our new home. Our dream home. And my shahana baby will be coming to that home as bahu.

Shahana blushes.

Virat:- she is blushing, now itself. Please leave it for future.

Shahana:- Virat…

They all shares a hug.

Vihaan:- there is again a surprise for Bhabhi.

Prachi:- what?

Virat:- Woh, the owner of our new company is….

Prachi:- is..

Virat:- Mrs Prachi virat. Haan, I had started it on your name.

Prachi gets shocked.

Prachi:- what? I…

Shahana:- congrats Prachi.

Prachi:- virat..no way..I …how? I have no experience. I had just passed the college and how can I? No I can’t.

Virat:- Prachi, we both are really lucky to have you. After you come into my life, I got my relatives, love, family, relations, now house and company. And you are the perfect option for this.

Prachi:- but…

Vihaan:- Don’t say, no Bhabhi. Please.

Prachi:- ok. I will try.

They all smiles.

In Mehra house.

Purab:- abhi, Iam thinking of going to America, a lot work is pending.

Abhi:- are Purab, take a little break.

Purab:- no no.

Aryan:- papa, I will manage it.

Purab:- abhi pinch me. Am I dreaming?

Abhi:- no Purab. It’s your Aryan.

Purab:- really.

Aryan:- Papa… I will go there and manage everything, I also want to help you.

Purab hugs Aryan.

Purab:- Iam proud of you beta. But Iam worried about you.

Vikram:- don’t worry Purab, I will send someone to eye on him.

Purab:- who?

Vikram:- mishti.

Purab:- then I am relieved.

Aryan:- Iam also relieved.

Purab:- kya?

Aryan:- nothing.

Shahana:- Prachi is so lucky to have virat.

Vihaan:- my brother is a gem.

Shahana:- and you?

Vihaan:- you say. You have to live with me.

Shahana:- you are boring, studious type boy. Not my type.

Vihaan:- then go to some other boy. Don’t come to me.

Shahana hold his hands.

Shahana:- but I didn’t say that I don’t love you.

Vihaan looks at her.

Shahana:- you are the best guy for me.

Vihaan kisses on her forehead.

Virat was drinking water, when Prachi comes and back hugs him. Virat gets shocked.

Virat:- what happened? Prachi, are you ok?

Prachi:- thank you, for coming into my life.

Virat:- what happened to you? Why are you saying like this?

Prachi:- nothing.

Virat caresses her face.

Virat:- you are my wife. And Iam not an ordinary husband, who controls his wife. I care for you and I don’t want to make you a house wife.

Prachi hugs virat.

Virat:- are are you crying? Then please don’t spoil my t-shirt. It’s new.

Prachi:- you….mad…Iam here trying to romance with you, and you are making fun of me.

Virat:- Acha, so you are romancing with me. Then do it. (Virat pulls her closer to him).

Prachi:- Woh.. mein… Vihaan..

Virat frees her:- where?

Prachi:- haha..I can also make fun of you.

Virat:- really, Prachi..now I will show you who Iam.

Prachi:- no…virat…no….

Prachi runs followed by virat. They runs into the kitchen, Prachi throws water on virat and virat throws vegetables on her. Prachi slips by the carpet, but virat saves her.

Virat:- carefull.. otherwise, you will not get time to romance with me.

(Prachi blushes, virat takes her to the room. It was fully decorated with flowers.)

Prachi:- what is these? And who did this?

Virat:- your brother in law.

Prachi:- but for what?

Virat:- formality..he thinks that……

Prachi:- what he thinks?

Virat looks at Prachi.

Virat:- don’t you know.

Prachi:- no.

Virat:- oh…god, why did you give me a wife like this?

Prachi:- hey…why are you complaining about me.

Virat:- then?

Prachi:- Iam the best and only wife for you. Samjhi tum.

Virat:- I don’t think.

Prachi:- then don’t talk to me.

Prachi fakes anger. Seeing this virat hold his ears.

Virat:- sorry. (Prachi laughs)

Kaise hua plays in the background.

Virat pulls her closer to him. Both can hear their heartbeats. Virat kisses on her cheeks, Prachi blushes.

Virat:- I love you, Prachi.

Prachi:- I love you too, Mr mad.

Virat:- Mr arrogant.

They shares a passionate kiss.

Next day, Prachi comes to Pragya. Pragya was relieved seeing Prachi happy.

Pragya:- are you happy with virat!?

Prachi:- look at my face. Do you feel like Iam sad?

Pragya:- no.

Prachi:- maa, Iam happy with him. And do you know, he is the best. He loves me a lot. Do you know, Iam the owner of his company. He is best maa.

Rhea:- why don’t he be the best, he is my brother.

Prachi:- Acha ji, so who am I.

Rhea:- I don’t know, who you are.

Prachi:- rhea ki bachi.. I will beat you..

They runs and falls. Abhigya smiles seeing them.

After one year.

It was the night of awards. In the auditorium, Mehra family had seated in the first row itself. They are so eager to see their gem getting the award as the best businesswoman of the year.

Host:- and here is our next category. The best entrepreneur, business woman of the year goes to Mrs Prachi Virat.

Prachi stands up. She had totally changed, her looks everything had changed. She was really looking like a actress.

Prachi goes to the stage. Everyone were clapping for her. Abhigya feels proud. Prachi takes the award from the chief guest.

Among the crouds she was looking at that person, who is behind her success. She sees that person clapping for her. His eyes was filled proud, happiness. Prachi takes the mic.

Prachi:- now, Iam one of the best entrepreneur, but I was not like this. Not this much confident,was a poor girl. But a man was there behind my success, actually this award goes to that person. And I want to give this to him. He is none other than my husband, Virat, who completes me. I want to give this to him. He deserves this.

Chief guest asks virat to come on the stage. Prachi and virat both together takes the award. Prirat shares an eyelock. After that they take selfies and photos. After that they reach their new house, it has built beautifully with a big garden. Prachi and virat steps into the house following by Vihaan and Smitha.

Smitha:- Iam so happy, that my virat and Vihaan had get into a big position. These all are because of you Prachi.

Prachi smiles.

Virat:- yes Prachi. We are proud of you.

Prachi hugs virat, he kisses on her forehead. Shahana coughs.

Prachi:- are. Don’t cough now. Because, soon you will also like this.

Vihaan and shahana didn’t understand anything.

Virat:- are..we are talking about your marriage.

Shahana blushes.

Prachi:- are..look at her. She is blushing now itself.

Shahana:- Prachi… don’t tease me.

Virat:- Haan. Don’t tease my sis.

Prachi:- virat..you were in my team..

Virat:- when…

Vihaan:- Iam in my Bhabhi’s team.

Virat:- Bhabhi Ka ladla.

Virat and shahana share hy5.

Prachi:- I had told everyone about your relationship, and all are very happy about you.

Virat:- and one more news.

Prachi:- Haan. Atlast Aryan and mishti confess their feeling to their parents.

Shahana:- really?

Prachi:- Haan.

Virat:- papa had told us to go there tomorrow. So we will decide about everything. Now Prachi, Smitha aunty come. Let’s go. Let them enjoy their quality time.

Vihaan:- bhaiyya..

Prirat laughs. They goes from there.

Shahana:- I can’t believe, it’s happening.

Vihaan:- me too.

Shahana:- how will I face maasi.

Vihaan:- why? Why can’t you face her?

Shahana:- I had hidden ou relationship from her.

Vihaan:- Pragya aunty is very good. She will understand you.

Shahana:- I know.

Prachi comes and hugs virat.

Prachi:- Iam very happy virat.

Virat:- so what? Why are you hugging me tight? I won’t go anywhere.

Prachi:- you are so boring. I always try to romance with you. But you…

Virat:- ok.ok. sorry.

Prachi smiles. Virat hugs her and kisses on her cheeks, she also reciprocates that.

Next day, in Mehra house.

Abhi:- Iam thinking of doing their marriage together. What is your opinion, Purab.

Purab:- Iam ok with it.

Vikram:- no problem from my side.

Abhi:- so we can find the date.

Purab:- ok.

Shahaan’s and mishti and Aryan’s wedding gets fixed.

On their engagement they Dance together.

They both gets married.

Shahaan’s grihapravesh was done by Prachi. Each couple spend a quality time with each other.

Virat was sitting in his garden looking at the moon. Prachi comes to him.

Prachi:- what are you thinking?

Virat:- life is actually a mystery. Many things happened in our life.

Prachi puts her head on his shoulder.

Prachi:- but everything was good. Isn’t it?

Virat nods.

Virat:- but sometimes I think…

Prachi:- you think..

Virat:- I would get a good girl other than you.

Prachi:- Mr mad. You…..

Virat runs from there, Prachi chases him.

Prachi:- if you find a good girl also, I won’t leave you. I will kill that girl.

Virat:- itna gussa.

Prachi looks at him.

Virat hold his ears and..

Virat:- sorry, I was joking. I am the luckiest person in this world. You know why?

Prachi nods.

Virat:- because I have you by my side.

Prachi:- and I have you.

Virat:- this is my dialogue.

Prachi:- virat…

Virat:- ok. Sorry Baba.

Prachi hugs virat.

Shahana:- are, spend some time for us also.

Virat:- I will always spend time for my sister.

Vihaan:- and I will always support my Bhabhi.

Virat and shahana makes faces.

Virat sings..

Didi tera devar deewana

Ho didi tera devar deewana

Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)

Dhandha hai yeh uska puraana

Arrey dhandha hai yeh uska puraana

Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana (Haye Ram, kudiyon ko daale daana)

Shahana and virat dances on it. Prachi and Vihaan laughs. They all hugs together and smiles….

The story ends on their happy faces..

So yaa,my story ends here. Iam thankfull to everyone who supported me. Iam thankfull to jasminerahul, gopika, pranbir lover, anum, rashmika, piya, mj, Eesha, Varsha Kannan, nandana and Nandini, Khushi, shaurya, Sumathy, Bhuvaneswari, jiya bharthwal, zuha, Heena, Tara, Naman, Archiya. if I had forgotten to mention anyone, please forgive me. Also everyone please comment, all silent readers please comment. And tell me your opinion about this story. Thanks for all your support. I will come with a new story soon. So byy.

Stay safe.

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