A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 20)

20 episodes completed 🎊🎉❤🥰. Thank you for love and support you all have given. I am so grateful and thankful. Today is also #1YEAROFIMMJ2 ❤✨. I miss this show so much 😭.

Episode 20:

It was almost time to go home. Vansh & Riddhima pack their bags, board the school bus and reach their homes.

The next day.

At school.

Teacher: Vansh, are you ready for the test? I hope you & Riddhima had studied well yesterday. You go and find an empty classroom. I’ll come in 5 minutes. Don’t forget if you fail, both of you are going to be standing outside the whole day, as your punishment.

Vansh: Ok, ma’am.

He leaves the classroom, while Riddhima wishes that he passes the test, so that she doesn’t get punished along with him. Also, everyone would make fun of her, as she is the topper of the class.

Teacher also leaves and gives Vansh the test to finish in half an hour.

He completes the test and gives it back to the teacher. She marks it and gives it back.

Teacher: Congratulations, Vansh! You have finally passed the test. I am glad that you & Riddhima are saved from the punishment. If you would have worked like this, then you could have passed the first test only. You can go and join the class in the auditorium, as the principal would announce something special.

Vansh: Ok, I’ll leave now.

Vansh leaves to the auditorium.

Riddhima was eagerly waiting for him to come back, as she was nervous that he might fail the test. He comes and sits beside her.

Riddhima: So?

Vansh: So what?

Riddhima: Stop being so innocent now. What about your test? Did you pass?

Vansh (faking sadness): You know what, I tried my best. But still failed and because of me, both of us will be punished.

Riddhima: By the way, looking at your face it doesn’t really show that you are upset or sad. I know that you can’t fail the second time. Why do I feel that you are lying or pranking me?

Vansh (smiling): Because my sweetheart always trusts me. Yes, I passed this time and this was only possible because of you.

Riddhima: Oh, so someone is praising me now. I like it.

Principal comes in and holds the microphone.

Principal: Attention students. Good morning and I hope you all are doing well. I have a very special announcement for all the students. It’s very exciting to announce that this year we will have a school trip. That too for 3 days & 2 nights, which means you’ll get to be with each other and make new friends. The trip will get place next week on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

All of the students cheer in excitement.

Principal (continues): You will get to choose a room partner to share your room with and it will be in pairs of 2. Girls together and boys together. We will be going to Agra, as your trip. You will get to learn a lot of interesting and historical information from that place. The trip plan will be distributed tomorrow in the class. After going to class, please tell your class teacher about your room partner. Don’t forget to get permission for your parents first.

Riddhima (to Vansh): I am so excited for this trip. We will get to spend time together, I can’t wait.

Vansh (to Riddhima): Ooo, someone is getting too excited to be with me.

Sejal: Riddhima, I know you will definitely choose me as your roommate.

Riddhima: I was actually thinking of choosing Kritika. You will annoy me every night and I will get irritated by you.

Sejal (shocked): Really Riddhima? Are you saying this?

Riddhima (trying to control her laughter): Your face expressions are worth watching. I am just kidding, we will definitely be together.

Sejal: Yes, we will have fun together.

Meanwhile, Vansh was confused for whom to choose as his roommate. Kabir was also deciding. They both went to the teacher at the same time.

Vansh: Ma’am, I don’t have a roommate.

Kabir: Me too.

Teacher: Since you two are left, why don’t you be partners? Are you fine with that?

They both knew that they don’t have any choice and agreed. But deep inside, both weren’t happy with this and didn’t wanted to be roommates.

Riddhima (to Vansh): Vansh, who is your roommate?

Vansh (annoyed): Your BF.

Riddhima: Oh, Kabir. It’s ok, we will be together during the day and enjoy fully. It’s also my first time going out for 3 days without my family members. I am too excited to finally get my freedom.

Vansh: Yes, I agree. It will be the best days of our lives.

They attended classes, but their mind was occupied by the trip.

The school bell rings and all the students leave for their homes.

Precap: No Riddhima, I can’t allow you to go.

Guess the person in the precap. Do you think Riddhima would manage to go on the trip. Please share your views in the comments section below.

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