Chhichhore Movie Review | Sushant Shraddha Kappor like 3 idiot’s

Chhichhore Movie Review | Sushant Shraddha Kapoor

Chhichhore Movie Review | Sushant Shraddha Kapoor

Chhichhore movie review: Chhichhore movie Tiwari before making superhit films like Dangal and playing the lead role in it.

MS Dhoni’s duplicate Sushant Singh and people Shraddha Kapoor, who reads Ashikee’s chapters, besides the rest.

There is also a long broad supporting cast in the film, which is preparing you to make a special one.

Has inserted and so they have avoided the movie of the film on Friendship Day. In the trailer, you will get to see friends again.


First, bonding means getting separated from a mango in the second phase, when people become busy in their lives and they lose friendship behind the third person is my favorite.

In real life of reunion i.e., we get to listen a little less because our Director Karan Johar but we are ourselves.

so it is not everyone’s pleasure to roam happy ending because most of the big relationships are settle cheaply in the affair of Ego Attitude Talk about the film with the special bonding of friends.

You will get to see the story in which the names of Atrangi are more than that,

there are many stories about them, they will be the X-factor of the friendship of these people.

The line of college boys behind Shraddha Kapoor Jin is longer than the line outside the ATM. This friendship will bring a twist in this incident.


after which the friendship started in college will be the surest companion of a lifetime, besides the film Student Type Has shown in the competition in which everything from cricket till now will be a saw.

The found of rich and poor has also put at the moment like often many People have to face in college.

In the trailer, you can see Sushant calls by the name of Luzar. Prateik Babbar will be smart in college, you can see a little glimpse of it, but the tagline of the trailer is Dog’s tail crooked crook.

People of the world can do anything but these friends will not change.

The trailer will get you to see emotional scenes ranging from comedy to quite a cent.

Apart from this, you will also see a simple love story that will remind you of college life love, but the most special part of the trailer is the reunion of friends, which is rare in real life.


Watch the trailer is very good in it, see everything If you want to see a good film,

but somewhere you are applying a duplicate of the three three idiots stuck there, leave the friendship the same love.

Na and getting back is just the difference that there were two to three in it and it hasto be with the number to praised by her makeup artist who has transformed the looks of the actors in a very good way.

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We see sushant doing very well in the trailer. His specialty is that they adapt themselves to each character’s character,

while Shraddha Kapoor is in a simple but smart college student’s look. It is sitting but Varun Sharma who is having fun in the movie who is the biggest.

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