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The video of the bear opening the door to ask for food may leave you surprised.

Is this a video involving an animal? Yes. Is this an animal video that may make your jaw drop? Yes. Is this a video showcasing an animal that you may end up watching more than once? Yes. This is a video that showcases a bear unlocking a door to ask for food.

Captured in USA’s Georgia, the video shows a bear that was rescued and raised by a family. The clip is captured at their house.

The video, taken from inside the house, shows someone unlocking the door. Within moments, it becomes clear that it’s not a human but a bear that is opening the door. After opening the door, the animal keeps on looking inside until someone comes near it to give it food. The video then shows the bear enjoying what appears to be blueberries. That is not all, the clip also captures the bear walking inside the house to get some more treat.

Take a look at the video that may leave you astonished:

What are your thoughts on the video? Did it leave you surprised?

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